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Are your stairs an accident waiting to happen?  According to the National Safety Council, in 2009, 28,000 Americans died as a result of falls and more than 8.7 million were injured by a fall... READ MORE >>

With winter weather fast approaching, it’s important for your church to be prepared... READ MORE >>

Its always better to have the rain outside your building rather than inside... READ MORE >>

Web watch   Feeling cyber-insecure? Protect your gigabytes with help found at The new website, managed by the Federal Trade Commission, is a one-stop resource for online security, with practical advice and tools to avoid Internet scams, secure your computer, and protect your kids online. READ MORE >>

While it may be easy to overlook, an integral part of your ministry is keeping those who enter your doors each week safe and secure. READ MORE >>

It is important that church leaders have a basic understanding of copyright law as it relates to their ministry. READ MORE READ MORE >>

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