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Employee and Volunteer Safety

The following sample resources relate to church employees.

  • Application Form: Word | PDF
    This is a sample application form for church employment, customizable by position.

  • Background Check Authorization Form: Word | PDF
    Use this sample form to obtain consent from job applicants to run a criminal background search. Unlike the Background Check Authorization Form in the Youth and Children's section, this sample form contains an additional notation about date of birth, since that is a piece of information that cannot typically be asked of an employee.

  • Background Checks
    GuideOne policyholders receive discounts on background checks provided by SafeChurch®  Shepherd's Watch which has negotiated low-cost, easy-to-access, and timely background checks through one of the nation's largest screening organizations, LexisNexis®. This service is more comprehensive and customer-oriented than those offered through any other vendor.

  • Reference Check Documentation Form: Word | PDF
    Use this sample form to document references checked on applicants for church employment.

  • Employee Handbook: Word | PDF
    This is a sample handbook for church personnel.

  • Performance Evaluation Form: Word | PDF
    Use this sample form to provide periodic evaluations of church employees.

  • Performance Improvement Plan Form: Word | PDF
    Use this sample form to assist in developing and documenting a corrective action plan for employees with performance issues.




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