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Children and Youth Safety

  • Background Checks:

    • How to Perform a Check and Use the Results
      (PDF) Use these guidelines for background checks.

    • Background Checks
      GuideOne policyholders receive discounts on background checks provided by SafeChurch® Shepherd's Watch, which has negotiated low-cost, easy-to-access, and timely background checks through one of the nation's largest screening organizations, LexisNexis®. This service is more comprehensive and customer-oriented than those offered through any other vendor.

    • Background Investigation Consent Form
      (Criminal Records Request; PDF) Background Investigation Use this consent form for identifying criminal convictions of potential or current employees or volunteers.

  • Child Abuse Prevention/Sexual Misconduct:

    • Policies and Procedures in the Prevention of Child Abuse: PDF
      This sample policy includes policies and procedures for sexual misconduct prevention and response.

    • Preventing Sexual Misconduct
      (PDF) This document includes statistics, loss trends, and prevention procedures.

    • Respnding to an Allegation of Child Sexual Abuse
      (PDF) This document offers suggestions for a planned response to allegations.

    • Dealing with Sex Offenders
      (PDF) Learn about the difficult situation of responding to a known sex offender within the congregation.



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