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Emergency Preparedness

  • Disaster Relief Team Safety
    (PDF) General information on how to help protect relief workers and the churches that send them

    • Disaster Relief Volunteer Agreement and Release: PDF
      This sample agreement and release document illustrates how to help protect your church from liability for injury or damage that may occur while volunteering.

  • Electrical Surges
    (PDF) Learn how surge protection devices (SPDs) can protect your facility from costly damage

  • Emergency Action and Recovery Plan
    (PDF) Identifies procedures to follow in handling and minimizing emergencies or crises

  • Emergency and Crisis General Survey: PDF
    Checklist for general emergency precaution

  • First Aid, Steps to Effectively Using
    (PDF) This fact sheet provides details for effectively using first aid in a church setting by following the American College of Physician's four step-approach: Prevent, Prepare, Recognize, and Act.


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